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Some words about us

Pentest Begins provides Information Security services, including Penetration Testing, Research and Development, to help protect client networks and applications against online attackers.

If you handle payments or sensitive information, we help you find where you’re vulnerable, and we recommend actionable steps to strengthen and protect your business.
Our clients are based in the US, India , Europe , and across world they include:

  • Web application developers
  • Payment processors.
  • Telecom providers
  • Online gambling services
  • Bitcoin Wallet Services

What we do ?

PentestBegins provides a number of IT Security Services in order to protect your Organisation's Confidentiality , Integrity and Availiblity from emerging Cyber Threats in a standalone manner. An organisation needs to be Effectively Protected against cyber attacks to assure and demonstrate to the competitors that you have implemented adequate security throughout the infrastructure. I provide experienced Penetration tests across public and private enterprises along with the best practices of Security and Development.

Unlike other information security firms, our team takes a creative, manual approach. We aim to think like an attacker. This gives us the advantage to discover and report vulnerabilities that conventional scanning tools can’t find.

  • Mission - We make web apps secure from latest attacks.
  • Skills - Delivering fast and informative vulnerability reports .
  • Clients - Satisfied clients thanks to our experience.

Who We Are ?

Vikas Anil Sharma - Security Consultant & Founder

Vikas Anil Sharma founded PentestBegins in 2013,With experience in web application & network penetration testing & research, He maintains a healthy balance between functionality and visual impact in all his work. He believes in positive thinking works & suggest that we should always think positive about our Goals & Ambition.He loves his work and enjoys each new project he gets. He is an independent security researcher & currently working for an Company as Penetration Tester.

He is also acknowledged in Companies like Adobe Systems Incorporated, AT&T,ActiveProspect , Bitcasa, Dropmyemail, eBay, PureVPN, StatusPage.io, Artsy, Hiveage, Highrisehq And many more other sites for reporting multiple security issues in their sites.He loves Exploring things and help Companies & Organizations by testing their Web Applications and get rewarded in return ! Don't hesitate to contact him if you think he can be of service to you. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Twitter - @vikzsharma
  • Email - vikz.sharma1996@gmail.com
  • Four dead simple reasons to get started today

    You only pay when valid Security issues are discovered based on the severity.

    Quality Penetration Testing

    Our pentesting (or ethical hacking) services involve manual processes and use the same techniques today’s cybercriminals use, in a controlled and communicated matter. The aim is to determine where the target is vulnerable and suggest fixes for the identified security flaws.

    Smart & Fast

    The testing simulates a real hacker and what he can do to penetrate the application and retrieve confidential data. We Deliver Fast results and at the same time quality informative reports.


    We are always updated with latest threats and vulnerabilities in day to day Growing IT industries and keep eyes open for unique hunts.


    We don't charge on Hourly Bases,You pay only when valid Security Issues are found based on the severity of it.

    Our clients’ testimonials

    It's Awesome

    You only pay when valid Security Issues are discovered based on the severity.

    Web Application Penetration Testing

    Simulate an attack targeting your web application, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting, authentication, access control vulnerabilities as well as other less commonly-known flaws.

    Mobile Application Penetration Testing

    We simulate a multitude of attacks, both general application attacks and mobile dedicated attacks.The testing simulates a real hacker and what he can do to penetrate the application and retrieve confidential data.

    Remote Network Penetration Test

    Simulate an external attack against your network from anywhere in the world by performing a remote attack and penetration test.